Import Excel to sql server2005

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October 19, 2012 by Er.Hem Raj Thakur

First of all we need to fullfill some of importent work for learn how to import Excel sheet data to SQL Server2005. So here you are some example:-Step 1 – Create the Database and Table
create table tbl_Employee1
Emp_ID int not null primary key,Emp_name varchar(50),Emp_Department varchar(50),EmpDesignation varchar(50),Emp_Address varchar(200));             
Step 2 – Open the Excel worksheet, select data only and copy the data ‘Ctrl +C’
  Copy Paste Step1 Snap
Step 3 – Open SQL Server 2005 Management Studio and navigate to the table
Step3 Snap Shot
Step 4 – Right click on dbo.tbl_Employee1, choose ‘Open Table’ then left click on below area
Step4 Snap Shot
Step 5 – The area below will be highlighted, then right click and choose ‘Paste’ From the Pop-Up Menu.
Step5 Snap Shot
Congratulation ! Your Database has been successfully Imported from Excel Sheet to sql server2005. Enjoy It…

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