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September 26, 2012 by Er.Hem Raj Thakur

here we declare the some tables example for inserting Data statement…

Q. 1 :- What is DML Command?

Answer:- DML is abbreviation of (Data Manipulation Language). It is used to retrieve,store, modify, delete, insert and update data in database.

Examples: SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT statements

tbl_department, tbl_designation, tbl_country, tbl_state, tbl_district, tbl_area, tbl_employee



insert into tbl_department (department,location) values(‘Management’,’Mandi’)
insert into tbl_department (department,location) values(‘HR’,’Mandi’)



insert into tbl_country (country_name,isd_code) values(‘India’,’+91′)
insert into tbl_country (country_name,isd_code) values(‘Pakistan’,’+92′)



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